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Stay fit during your holidays!

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The best time of year: holidays! Finally, they are here…

After all that hard work, there comes some enjoyment. Whether you chose a family resort, a mountain trek, a popular beach, a nature camp, safari or anything else in the world, this time is to look forward to!

There’s no reason to neglect your fitness regime while on your time off. Here are some tips to consider when planning to keep yourself fit during holidays:

  1. Walk, walk walk…

What better way to discover any destination on your own than walking around? Whether it’s a city, a summer resort, a nature trail, a beaten mountain path, walking is the best way of enjoying a destination. Leave your car at home and discover the benefits of moving outside and smelling fresh air!

  1. Go easy on the all inclusive menu

The biggest diet and fitness killer I know of is that all inclusive menu on a 4 or 5 star holiday. You basically get a free pass at non-stop eating because hey, you paid for it, right? Wrong, if you care about your figure! I know the food looks tasty and keeps coming, I’ve been there…It’s not easy! But here’s my best advice: taste everything but limit the food amount you intake. Try a bit of everything you see, thus satisfying your taste curiosity, but remember that the devil is in portion sizes!


  1. Don’t miss one single opportunity to move your body

Whether it’s swimming in the hotel pool, dancing in the night club, biking around the city, going to a gym, scuba diving or jogging on the beach, don’t miss your fitness time. Take advantage of the fact that you’re changing the environment and you get a fresh break while doing everything you enjoy. Move your body!

  1. Go to a spa

Cherish your body and pamper yourself. By treating your body with respect, your mood can only improve. Enjoy a spa day, whether it’s a massage or a body wrap, treat yourself nicely!



  1. Make sure you drink enough water!

Don’t overlook your daily water intake – and that’s a rule no matter where you are. Traveling in particular can get you dehydrated fast. I’d stick to at least 2 liters a day. And while we’re at it:

  1. Watch your booze intake

Alcohol adds up empty calories. Enjoy your no-worries time, but be aware of the quantities you gulp.

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